National Championship Topics and Locations

Unprecedented program growth has meant we've moved from one national championship tournament to four regional events this year - taken together, they will be the largest debate tournament in the world, with more than 1500 students participating.

Southeast Regionals will be at Tulane University on April 9, with teams from Louisiana, Colorado and Washington, D.C. participating. The topics (not in order) will be:

  • Ad blockers do more good than harm.
  • US Supreme Court justices should have term limits.
  • The discoverer of an abandoned shipwreck should have title to its artifacts.
  • Criminalize spanking!
  • Russian intervention in Syria does more good than harm.
  • Schools should abandon single-sex education.

The three remaining events will be on April 16 in New Jersey (for teams from D.C., New York and New Jersey); Sacramento (teams from Northern California, Oregon and Washington); and Pasadena (for Southern California schools). Those topics (not in round order) will be:

  • The US should establish a no-fly zone in Syria.
  • The US should have compulsory voting in general elections.
  • Schools should require cameras in classrooms.
  • Justice Antonin Scalia's Supreme Court Career did more good than harm.
  • Scientists should use cloning technology to resurrect animals made extinct by humans.
  • The US should adopt the metric system.